Nothing personal, but I loathe Reno. I lived there for a long time back in the 70′s and 80′s, and nothing you can say will convince me it’s gotten any better. I don’t read the Reno paper, or watch Reno TV. If it weren’t for Lisa and Krista, why, there would be no point in its existence at all.
Except for the House of Bread. If a gun is pressed to my temple and I am forced to drive to Reno for whatever reason, I will ask my tormentor please please please can I stop and get some loaves of Grandma’s White to take home to Carson. I love that stuff. I never buy anything else. I’m a white bread freak. I love then consistency, the yeasty overtones of freshly baked white bread, toasted, the butter running….. yum.
-Wayne D.
Carson City, NV

Fresh stone milled wheat, whole grains, no refined sugars and no white bleached flour. All of these are key to making good, healthy bread.
I know I have a tendency of giving most places 5 stars, but I really do mean it this time. I catch myself waking up and getting excited on Tuesdays because I know their sourdough will start my afternoons. I don’t consider 5$ for giant loaf of bread expensive at all, I’m used to paying 3-4$ for quality bread anyways so its no biggie for me.
Happy employees and great service has been very consistant, although not a huge concern of mine. How could you not be in a great mood when your business is located in an amazing area of Reno, espresso at your fingertips, and plenty of fresh air circulating the smells of freshly baked bread?
Put down your bags of ironkids and wonderbread, stop shopping at wal-mart and do yourself a favor and head over to a bread shop to buy your bread.
-Zach R.
Reno, NV

All I can say is mmmmmmm bread! House of Bread is amazing. Not only do you get the best bread in Reno, but the service is always fantastic and you can always taste something new when you go in! Just made some of the best hamburgers using my House of Bread onion hamburger buns, the best! A freshly baked cinnamon twist or a thick slice of Grandma’s white dripping with butter will cure whatever ails you!
I have nothing bad to say about this place….Great food, good prices and fantastic service. Can’t beat it and it’s worth the drive from ANY part of town!
-Rebecca V.
Reno, NV

Whowwww. I always get the Raspberry Rolls. Whowwwww. They are to die for…….. They don’t always have them but I hope that if more people ask for them the more they will. I’ve never tried anything else. If they don’t have my Raspberry Roll, I don’t get anything. ( I’ve been going here for 5 yrs now, living just down the street.)
Next time I go in, and they don’t have my favorite roll I will try something else because if my roll is that good I know most everything else there will be WONDERFUL.
-Sierra D.
Sparks, NV

I just placed my first order for locally baked, freshly made, spelt bread to pick up on June 6 after 6AM. I am warned that it may still be hot! How great is that.
I looked on line to find this type of bread and found that it would have to come from Germany or from the Amish via so I am excited to get it right here in Reno. Baked fresh the first Monday of every month…
I will keep you posted.
-valerie m.
Reno, NV

I have been frequenting the House of Bread for several months now as I just moved around the corner and I have been absolutely amazed by the quality of the product and the price every single time. What I get most are their breakfast and lunch sandwiches on their fresh baked bread. The red pepper and garlic pesto spreads they put on their sandwiches is amazing as well.
-Ryan M.
Reno, NV

House of Bread is one of my favorite places to go, it has wonderful, fresh breads and they are always changing it up which makes it fun. The chocolate chip pumpkin bread is my favorite but they also have great quiche and cookies too!
-Casie P.
Reno, NV

Stopped in for coffee and a scone while at the Sunday 8AM-1PM Farmers’ market regular who is up here most of the year.
The coffee was good, fresh-not burned. Blueberry Muff,crumbly and dry. Sample zuchinni, pumpkin and spice breads were dynamite and portions huge. Their sourdough leaves me disappointed. Service is just great! Happy young ladies with smiles and knowledge of the products. Not to inexpensive, but worth a visit and a look see at/in the Display cases. Certainly will bring me back to try more.
-Michael L.
Reno, NV