This place makes the dankest sandwich in town. They also have free samples sometimes and everything tastes good.
-Matt W.
Reno, NV

Came here on our vacation to Reno to get baked goods for breakfast and bread for sammys.
The good points: They offer a great deal on day old baked goodies, have a nice variety of breads, and carry honey whole wheat (my favorite type of bread!). Plus, friendly service to boot.
-Ophelia M.
Boise, ID

Warm, moist, soft, fluffy, flavorful bread, is what you will find at House of Bread.
Occasionally, I will have a craving for a good tasting loaf of bread in order take a break from my whole wheat bread that I use for my morning toast. Every Saturday morning during the summer months, I go to the Farmer’s Market at this shopping center’s parking lot. The first time I went to the FM, I saw many people eating cinnamon rolls and othe sweet smelling treats. At the end of the produce booths, I came across House of Bread with a line out the door. I waited only about 5 minutes, enjoyed a sample slice of their Banana Nut Bread, ordered a Cinnamon Twist and a loaf of the Banana Nut Bread. The cinnamon twist is about 10 inches of gooey, soft cinnamon twisted dough with smooth white icing on top. I immediately ate the cinnamon twist…well worth the five minute wait! They also have cinnamon rolls, cookies, and many types of bread. For simply coming into the store, you are greeted and asked if you want a sample from 3-4 breads.
If you want to purchase a large amount of items, call two days prior and they will have your twists, cinnamon rolls, & bread ready for pick up the following day. I have ordered items for my office and they were very accommodating to what I ordered. Have a sweet tooth or need a freshly baked loaf of bread? Head over to House of Bread.
-Caroline Q.
Portland, OR

Went here today and was given a “sample” of their Zucchini bread that was three times the size of a normal slice.
It became my lunch, but I didn’t mind because it was the perfect consistency, spicing and taste! They have butter if you want to further enhance your free sample, but this was fine without it.
They also have brochures listing which breads are baked each day. They bake 29 breads each week, and 6 sweet breads. Reading the menu I learned that they sweeten their breads with honey rather than sugar.
If you’re pining for Schatz’s Sqauw bread, House of Breads bakes their version of Squaw bread on Thursdays and Sundays.
-Lisa R.
Reno, NV

They have an amazing selection of breads (duh!) that change every day. You can pick up a brochure and keep it at home if you need to remember which day your favorite bread is made. But don’t forget about the pastries! They have really nice cinnamon rolls here in a variety of flavors. I usually pick some up when we are having overnight guests–an excuse to splurge on those pricey little buggers! I also ADORE their croissants, but again, NOT CHEAP! My point here is, in my house, House of Bread is for special occasions. If you don’t mind dropping a load of dough (ha ha!) on your everyday bread products, you can get those here, too!
-Tracy S.
Reno, NV

Best sandwich I’ve ever had. It was simple ham and cheese, crisp lettuce and red onions, on the most delicious white, fluffy white bread. Love their free samples too!
-Lester L.
Reno, NV

I love this place. My husband and I shop here weekly and buy many of our bread products from them.
Bakery: The tea cakes here are incredible, especially the cherry and peach ones. (Although the apple and blueberry are well worth eating too.) I don’t eat much of them because I’m diabetic and they are definitely not diabetic-safe. :-) But my husband has some most mornings and loves it.
Their homemade granola, on the other hand, is as safe for diabetics as granola gets, and is sold in plastic bags. I eat a bowl most mornings for breakfast. It’s not over-sweetened like commercial granola, and has less fat — the texture and flavor are about halfway between standard granolas and Swiss muesli.
We also buy their honey whole wheat bread regularly. It’s big, fluffy, and tasty. The downside is that it crumbles easily, so sandwiches sometimes fall apart. I’ve tried their whole wheat sourdoughs, which are decent breads without high sugar levels but lack the wonderful sour taste of my favorite San Francisco sourdough. I gather that they are not happy with the results either and are focusing on other types of bread now.
Deli: They also do sandwiches and other deli foods. We’ve ordered sandwiches here twice, and they’re good. I really like the corned beef ones on rye. :-) My husband has ordered tuna fish and roast beef, likes both. The breads are their strongest point, but they use good, high-quality meats, vegetables, etc.
They also stock some extremely high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar from a nearly-local estate vineyard. At $15.00/bottle it’s actually underpriced if anything.
-Sake N.
Reno, NV

we’ve been there a couple of times since they have different daily specials. they offer a good variety of breads, sweet breads, scones and cookies (havent tried their sandwiches yet). They may seem pricy compare to your average grocery factory-made bread, but they use better quality ingredients and you can really feel the “love” when you know they make everything in house because you can actually see the equipments behind their counter being used and cleaned.
-Chia-Ling T.
Seattle, WA

Love it everything is fresh and so good!
-Joelle R.
North Las Vegas, NV

Just finished a chocolate croissant. OMG – fabulous!
Pumpkin Bread was outstanding – I got the one with chocolate.
Tomorrow morning we’ll be having Apple/Cinnamon French Toast!
I got the multi-grain to make sandwiches at work.
Okay, I love bread! And these guys know bread!
-Dottie G.
Reno, NV